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Tour For Diversity In Medicine Stops At Georgetown To Support Students

28. By Susan Svrluga , E-mail the writer Kathyana Philippe knew she needed to apply to colleges this fall shes a senior from Fort Meade but wasnt sure where to begin, which schools might be a good fit or exactly how to go about learning to be a pharmacist. So she was excited when she went to Georgetown University School of Medicine on Saturday with about 100 other minority high school students interested in medical careers. College applications are, like, right there, she said.
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Chinese and western medicine together may cool stuff here help treat cancer (Video)

Cardiff University School of Medicine experts have worked with Peking University in China to test the health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. These researchers have also investigated how by combining Chinese medicine with more traditional methods like chemotherapy, patient outcomes many be improved. This could also potentially lead to the development of new cancer treatments. Professor Wen Jiang from Cardiff University’s School of Medicine said, “Traditional Chinese medicine where compounds are extracted from natural products or herbs has been practiced for centuries in China, Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia.” Due to a lack of scientific explanation for many of the health benefits of Chinese medicine Jiang and his associates decided to pursue this research.
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