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Four-bedroom Sausalito home open Sunday

The lowest floor offers a bedroom, bathroom and laundry room, while the main level features public rooms and opens to a patio. Vaulted ceilings add elegance to the bedroom level. Listing agent: Tom Verkozen, Alain Pinel Realtors, (415) 496-2992, . 304 4th St., $2 million Beds: 4 Baths: 3.5 Square footage: 1,908 Open house: 1 to 4 p.m., Sunday
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Could you have this in your home without it driving you completely nuts? What you see above is a 3D rendering, but soon it won’t be. Laviani works for furniture design house Fratelli Boffi , and created this piece, titled “Good Vibrations,” for the 2013 Furniture Exhibition. The unit is designed to be disorienting (which it is) as well as comforting.
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Dumping Charge Roils Furniture Market

“A lot of good companies in the United States that have been making furniture have faced very formidable competition from the Chinese.” Koenig and other retailers maintain that China, which has cheap labor and low production costs, is not selling at unfairly low prices. Up to half of City Furniture’s wood furniture comes from the Pacific Rim with China the biggest player, Koenig said, adding that customers like the Asian-made goods. “At the end of the day, the products that we and other major retailers are importing from around the world are products that consumers want,” he said, noting they are “great quality, incredible value, style diversity and an assortment we can’t get from U.S. manufacturers.” Chinese-made bedroom furniture can cost retailers between 15 percent and 75 percent less than products from comparable domestic counterparts, bedroom furniture stores in houston TX he said, and the more detailed and labor-intensive the piece, the greater the price difference.
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5 Things Home Buyers Want In 2013

Housing market has buyers willing to use ‘aggressive tactics’

Theyre transforming an entire property into a smart home with home automation systems. At a recent Maple Ridge, N.J. open house, the real estate agent demonstrated the features of the home automation system to excited buyers.
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home theater

(Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times) Also By Andrew Khouri July 28, 2013, 5:12 p.m. The frenzied market in real estate has prospective home buyers ready to gamble, according to a study. Two-thirds of would-be homeowners would resort to aggressive tactics — such as paying the sellers closing costs, bidding above the asking price or borrowing money from loved ones for a down payment — to get the home of their dreams, according to the survey by real estate website Trulia. Consumers are worried that mortgage rates and prices will keep rising before they buy, and many are willing to fight over the limited number of homes for sale, Jed Kolko,Trulia’s chief economist, said in a statement. PHOTOS: SoCal’s most affordable ZIP Codes for home buyers According to the survey, 25% of respondents would bid 1% to 5% over a homes asking price, and the same percentage would offer to cover the sellers closing costs. Trulia said young adults — ages 18 to 34 — are more willing to resort to tactics the firm labels aggressive, with 30% of those respondents willing to pay the sellers closing costs and 31% willing to bid 1% to 5% over asking price. Home prices in major U.S.
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Must-Have Skills to Become a Home Buyer


Even if you need to seek out help or advice from an agent, its something you should have under your belt. Before negotiating, put your game face on, remain calm, and try not to divulge any information up front, such as your personal spending limit or even how much you like the property. This is where self control and discipline come into play.
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